Meet Kaela Gundy ’15

Kaela Gundy ’15
Currently Attending: Syracuse University
Years at Shipley: 14

Activities, Positions, Awards: S.U.R.E. (Students United for Racial Equality), Varsity Volleyball, Ezra Keiser Student Ambassador, Bryn Mawr Tutoring; Thomas W. Nammack Award

So Many Life Lessons
I feel that my experience at Shipley has been extremely worthwhile and rewarding in so many different ways. I have learned that it is imperative to work hard for whatever it is I want the most. I have learned that meeting and getting to know new, different people can be uncomfortable, yet in the end, 100% worth the initial discomfort. Lastly, I have learned that being your own unique self is a far greater feeling than trying to “fit in.”

Academic Highlights
My Spanish career at Shipley has driven me to work toward reaching fluency in the near future. My senior English elective, Gender Studies, taught by Ms. Jaffe, has had the biggest impact on me out of any academic course I have taken at Shipley due to its risky topics and its ability to initiate and provoke real-life discussions and stories.

Realizing One’s Potential through a Team
My sports involvement has deeply impacted me as a person and an athlete. Playing volleyball for four consecutive years has allowed me to realize my individual worth and strength among a team full of talented people; and soccer preseason has taught me that I enjoy running a lot and that I am able to push myself beyond the limit.

Most Influential Teacher
My most influential teacher at Shipley was Ms. Greenberg. I had an academic turning point in her class due to the emphasis and energy Ms. Greenberg had during each and every one of her classes. It was clear to me that Ms. Greenberg saw that I had the potential to be more than just an average writer; therefore, I was able to push myself and ultimately better my writing skills due to her support and guidance.

With a Little Help from My Friends
I met and befriended my two best friends, Anne and Emily, on the Middle School Italy trip. We didn’t become friends instantly; however, throughout the trip we realized how much we had in common and more importantly our differences, something that keeps our friendship strong to this day. Our “trio” has taught one another so many different things about life and each other. We are all ethnically different, as well as different in our endeavors. All of my best friends have made my experience at Shipley unforgettable and I will always remember what amazing times I had with each and every one of them.

Plans for Fall 2015
My plans for the fall of 2015 are to attend Syracuse University as a new student in the freshman class of 2019.

Future Ambition
My future ambition is to work hard at whatever I decide I want to do for the rest of my life. Throughout my time at Shipley, I have realized that hard work is the key to true success; therefore, I plan to find something I am very much interested in and work hard at it.
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