Meet Katie Steiner ’15

Katie Steiner ’15
Currently Attending: Northwestern University
Years at Shipley: 3

Activities, Positions, Awards: Model UN, DECA, The Compass; Mathletes Co-Captain; Phi Beta Kappa Prize, Tamara Tirjan Memorial Award, Anderson Art Prize

Great Students
When I was a new student in sophomore year, I remember being amazed by the students of Shipley. They are welcoming and friendly and are genuinely excited to learn. They are brilliant in the classroom and passionate about their extracurricular activities. The students in the arts, theater, and music programs are unbelievably talented. And although I can’t say that it’s my area of expertise, I’m told that our sports teams are pretty good, too. A school’s character is defined by its students, and so Shipley is an amazing place.

A Well-Rounded Education
The art program here is fantastic. I’ve taken art as a major course for all my three years, and it’s been one of my favorite parts of Shipley. Through studying the arts as rigorously as one would any other subject, I’ve been able to have a really well-rounded education. Although it is easiest to point at the art program, with its spring independent projects, as an example of Shipley’s dedication to both teaching a subject and allowing students to follow their own passions, this philosophy is present in all areas of the school. Here, it is possible to take the classes that interest you, while playing multiple sports, participating in theater, or doing any of the wide range of clubs offered. You can pursue anything and everything you are interested in, without having to choose one thing over another.

Preparation & Friendship
Shipley has academically prepared me very well for college, but more importantly, it has given me a wonderful set of friends, friends that I hope to stay close to for many years to come. The community here is unlike any other and it has been a privilege to be a part of it through my time at Shipley.

True Understanding
It’s difficult to choose only one from the many, many amazing teachers I’ve had at Shipley. One in particular who stands out is Mr. Berberian, who was my advisor for three years and who taught BC Calculus Honors. As an advisor, he was always available to chat about my courses, the college process, or whatever weird math factoid I had learned that week. As a teacher, I can honestly say that his class was my favorite of high school. The material was often really difficult, but Mr. Berberian gave great, in-depth lessons, which were combined with encouragement to work collaboratively during group quizzes or outside of class when going over homework or review. I felt that this style of teaching helped me to learn the concepts in a meaningful way – to find true understanding and not just memorize an idea well enough to pass a test.

Laughing in the Library
Choosing only one most memorable experience at Shipley is like having to choose only one favorite book: clearly impossible. I’ve only been here three years, but Shipley’s quite a busy place and a lot can happen within the course of even one semester. Looking back, though, I think the quintessential Shipley memory to me will always be memories of laughing in the library with my friends.

Plans for Fall 2015
I will be attending Northwestern University. I am enrolled in the McCormick School of Engineering, where I hope to study applied mathematics.

Future Ambition
I’ve loved math, and being in Mathletes and taking math classes like Calculus have helped me realize that I want to continue in mathematics in college. An applied math degree is pretty widely applicable – I could do anything from academia and research to finance. I’m not sure yet what my eventual goal will be, but I can say now that whatever the future holds, Shipley has prepared me for it.
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