Meet Spencer Strauss ’15

Spencer Strauss ’15
Currently Attending: The George Washington University
Years at Shipley: 13

Activities, Positions, Awards: Honors Film Consortium, Sprouts, Prom Committee; Shipley Marketing and Communication Photography Intern, Squash Co-Captain, Student Admission Ambassador

Prepared for Risk-Taking
From the start, Shipley created opportunities to take risks. In third grade I had to participate in my first “big” public speaking event during Bagels and Bios. The idea of speaking in front of my fellow third graders, their parents, and teachers was intimidating. I remember dressing up and being so nervous on the car ride to school. However, the moment I entered the classroom to present my speech on Jane Goodall, I realized there was nothing to be afraid of because I was prepared to handle it. Shipley is an encouraging place that helps students strive for success in reaching their goals. The moment I finished my speech I remember being overwhelmed with a feeling of pride and joy about successfully rising to the challenge. Recently I found myself in another public speaking event – the Alumni Assembly. Although I was a bit nervous at the thought of speaking in front of the entire Upper School and important alumni, I was able to channel back to that third grade moment and many other moments in between to give me the needed confidence. Growing from opportunities like these at Shipley make me eager to enter college and overcome new challenges thrown in my path.

Known as an Individual
All my teachers were exceptional. I will always appreciate the time they took to get to know me as a person and the immense effort they put into my learning experience. Everyone at Shipley values each other as individuals and cherishes what each person has to offer. Having the chance to be around creative, talented, and driven people everyday made me happy to be myself and bravely show off what makes me, me.

Mr. Harris Made a Difference
Honestly I feel that I have been lucky to have so many influential teachers while I was at Shipley that made my learning experience beyond great. However, if I had to pick one it would be Mr. Harris. I had him as my 7th grade math teacher and from the start we clicked. He understood what type of student and person I was, and even after seventh grade was over, he still played an important role in my life. I would often visit his classroom just to talk and catch up. He even came to a few of my squash games each year. I would not be the type of student I am today without him. He helped me grow in confidence and made me look on the lighter side of life when things got tough. I cannot thank him enough for all his support.

I can honestly say I liked going to school everyday. Sometimes it was being the photographer for an event; getting a fun workout at squash practice; collaborating for a presentation in Cultural Anthropology; and attending All School Assemblies.

Plans for Fall 2015
I will be attending The George Washington University, specifically the Corcoran School of Art and Design for photography. I am looking forward to moving to Washington D.C., meeting new people, joining new clubs, and growing as a person.

Future Ambition
The photography club in Middle School ignited my curiosity in abstract photography and the editing process. I picture myself working in a hip corporate advertising environment. I look forward to teamwork and collaboration with creative colleagues. I plan to study and intern in London. My photojournalist style could lead me to travel and document current events. I am open to seeing where my life will take me.
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