Meet Hunter Vander Zwaag ’15

Hunter Vander Zwaag ’15
Currently Attending: Wesleyan University
Years at Shipley: 7

Activities, Positions, Awards: Shipley Singers, Glee Club, Theater, Squash, Golf

Lifelong Friendships
I came to Shipley in sixth grade, not knowing any of my classmates. Many of the other sixth graders had known each other for years, and I was worried at first that I would feel excluded. I was surprised to discover how accepting and friendly all of my classmates were. I have made some lifelong friends in my years at Shipley. Every one of my classmates has shown me nothing but kindness and respect, and this is a testament to the open and welcoming community that Shipley encourages.

Success in Life
Shipley has cultivated the skills that are necessary to achieve success in life. I have grown to love learning, to speak my mind, and to always be curious. I think that these attributes will serve me well in life. I also feel that Shipley has been great at encouraging students to write detailed and well constructed analytical and research papers. Having written various types of papers during my time at Shipley, I am confident in my writing abilities as I move forward into college.

Late to Theater
Shipley has offered many opportunities to explore extracurricular activities during all four years in high school. I have been involved with Shipley’s select singing groups since freshman year; however, I did not participate in any school theater production until the winter of my junior year. Although I was worried that I had waited too long to start participating in plays, I was immediately welcomed by the more experienced actors at Shipley, and their support helped me gain the confidence I needed to perform on stage. My stage debut was in the winter musical, Grease. I came to love the experience of preparing for and performing in a theater production. I enjoyed it so much that I was in the fall, winter, and spring productions during my senior year. I hope to continue to perform on stage at Wesleyan University as I find my path in life.

A Love of Latin
I took Latin II Honors during my freshman year. Right from the very beginning, my teacher, Mr. Rich, told the class that it would be hard work to memorize and ingrain the fundamentals of Latin into our brains during the first year. I ended up taking honors Latin courses every year of high school. I have enjoyed translating and reading the works of many of the great Roman writers of history, and I hope to continue to pursue studying the Classics in college. I would not have discovered my love of classics if it were not for Mr. Rich’s rigorous first semester of studying the fundamentals of Latin.

Plans for Fall 2015:
I want to form strong new friendships as soon as possible, and I hope to start pursuing film as a possible major in college. I have many interests, and I intend to pursue as many of these interests as is humanly possible. I have a passion for movies, and I hope that I can incorporate all of my other pursuits into a possible career in film.

Future Ambition
I would really enjoy being a writer/director in the film industry. I have had many interests during my life. One of my longest lasting interests is watching movies. As I have grown up, I have realized that I tend to watch more movies and television shows than most other people. I enjoy re-watching movies that I saw when I was much younger, because I almost always have new opinions about these films. I like seeing how my opinions have changed over time, and I am sure that I will continue to develop new opinions about these films as I get older. I would love to contribute my unique perspective to the film industry and pursue my passion for film.
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