Meet David Wolfson ’15

David Wolfson ’15
Currently Attending: Colgate University
Years at Shipley: 14

Activities, Positions, Awards: DECA, Mathletes, Student Advisor, Lacrosse, Basketball, Cross Country; Merry Tropp Sportsmanship Award

Leaving Our Comfort Zones
Shipley is a warm, welcoming community that is always there to pick you up when you are down and to celebrate your accomplishments. There is a common feeling between students that allow us to take risks, try new things, and feel comfortable leaving our comfort zones. I could participate in Mathletes in the morning and play varsity basketball in the afternoon. Combinations like Mathletes and sports aren’t always put together, but Shipley made me feel really comfortable to explore both.

No Cruise Control Here
Shipley does not let you set cruise control and ride through Lower, Middle, or Upper school. I loved being pushed to learn and do more everyday – not only as a student, but also as a person. Leaving Shipley is bittersweet because I do not think I will ever find a place like it, but I am ready and prepared me for whatever is thrown at me during the next four years at college and beyond.

A Memorable Midterm
My most memorable Shipley experience is our Honors Macroeconomics midterm. A midterm being my favorite Shipley experience may sound a little weird, but it truly sticks out further than any other recent memory. Groups of three to four wrote and presented business proposals to venture capitalists. Everything to the last cent had to be accounted for in our expenses, loans had to be approved, and presentations had to be less than 10 minutes. My team spent 30+ hours putting everything into place to get a fictitious business off the ground. Of course, it was only a school midterm, but when we presented to venture capitalists, it felt very real. The entire experience gave each group practice in working with people, working through disagreements, time management, and presentation skills. Without a doubt, I felt more comfortable in all of those areas after completing the project, even if I did lose some sleep working on the project along the way.

Plans for Fall 2015
I plan to attend Colgate University.

Future Ambition
My future ambition is to own a business, preferably international. The entire international business world excites me, especially pursuing it right after college. I have always loved traveling, learning about new cultures, and I am continuously keeping up to date on world news/developments.
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