Meet Ben Ynocencio ’15

Ben Ynocencio ’15
Currently Attending: Connecticut College
Years at Shipley: 6

Activities, Positions, Awards: Environmental Club, Fall Plays Stage Manager, Lacrosse, Soccer, Squash, DECA; Community Garden Co-Head

One of my favorite aspects of Shipley is being a member of a smart, tight-knit group where you know almost everyone’s name and something they take a personal interest in. From this community I have found an extremely close group of friends who will be a part of my life forever. Shipley helped turn a shy seventh grader, who had just moved from Manhattan to Bryn Mawr, into an outgoing and adventurous senior.

A Confident Academic Voice
At the beginning of high school I struggled to sustain my academic stature, and it was the care and attention from teachers and administrators that helped me to get back on track. The support I received from the School pushed me to want to be a better, more engaged student—with a confident academic voice. Thanks to the entire Shipley community, I feel well prepared for college and beyond.

Planting the Seed
I have had many influential teachers throughout my years at Shipley such as Mrs. Small, Mr. Clement, Mr. Simpson, and Ms. Willing to name a few. Each of these teachers not only contributed to my academic success, but also harnessed passions in me that I didn’t know I had. After forming a good relationship with Mr. Clement in Chemistry, I decided to start playing squash in my junior year. I have found that I love the sport and am happy that Coach Clement’s enthusiasm rubbed off on me.

Memories for Generations
As an extremely independent and self-sufficient only child, it is no surprise that one of my favorite memories at Shipley is the Generations unit in seventh grade. For about two weeks, the entire seventh grade stops classes and embarks on individual research projects about their family’s past. I was able to produce many interesting pieces of work on my own time and terms. My finished projects took the whole two weeks and could have never been done under traditional school guidelines. The unit is a fabulous way to teach students time-management skills and responsibility when they are preparing for the rigor of high school. I still cherish my box of family history and look forward to sharing it with my own children one day.

Plans for Fall 2015
I will be attending Connecticut College, located in the quaint coastal town of New London, where I plan to double major in Environmental Studies and Economics. I hope to be involved in environmental clubs, food sustainability initiatives, and intramural sports – and I look forward to the interdisciplinary programs as well as the myriad study-abroad options.

Future Ambition
As of today, my future ambition is to run a self-sufficient farm, restaurant, and education center. My inspiration is Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barn, located in Hudson Valley, New York. I believe that Shipley has instilled in me a drive to achieve my goals and an open mind to adapt and evolve as necessary. Through the School’s emphasis on interdisciplinary courses I have seen that it is very possible to combine my passion for food, the environment, and education.
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