Arvelle Jones ’16

Arvelle Jones
Currently Attending:
Adelphi University
Years at Shipley:

Activities & Positions Held: Varsity Basketball Co-Captain

My Shipley Journey
My time at Shipley can only be described as a journey. In the words of [Head of Upper School] Ms. Van Steenwyk, I was “very much a ninth grader” my first year at Shipley. I was a freshman in every sense of the word. I was extremely disorganized, didn’t keep up with my grades, and was immature in the hallways. The immaturity hasn’t really changed, but everything else did. I improved every year and now in my senior year, I am a completely different person in the classroom.

Learning to Adapt
Socially, Shipley allowed me to be myself, but more importantly, it taught me to adapt in situations that I am not comfortable in. As an athlete, classes like theater and art were uncomfortable to me, and I didn’t always see the point of taking them, but as I reflect, I can see how they helped mold me. The most important thing Shipley gave me was not creativity, or intense learning, it was resiliency. Shipley taught me that working hard and not giving up pays off in the end.

The Shipley Community
The Shipley community is very welcoming and understanding. It was easy to build personal relationships with not only students, but with teachers who taught me things that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

More than Just a Coach
Coach Phil was the most influential adult I came across during my time at Shipley. He served as an extension of my parents while I was in school. He would make sure I was keeping up with my grades and behaving in the classroom. He was a lot more than just a coach to me.

Plans for Fall 2016
In fall 2016 I will be a freshman at Adelphi University, where I will play basketball.

Shipley has prepared me to be resilient and confident in the face of all adversity.
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