Meet Sophia Korfmann ’16

Sophia Korfmann ’16
Currently Attending:
University of Colorado Boulder
Years at Shipley: 6 years

Activities & Positions Held: The Beacon, Model Congress, Shipley Enrichment Camp Counselor, Environmental Club, Tennis, Lacrosse, Cross Country

A Community of Inspired Learners
I came to Shipley in the 7th grade and I immediately felt the strength of the community. I remember being shocked by the students’ genuine motivation and excitement to learn, which has stayed true throughout my time here. Within my first few years, I realized that beyond Shipley’s engaging curriculum and incredible resources, the connections that I made with my teachers and classmates made my time at school so productive.

An Integrated Understanding of the World
Academically, Shipley’s interdisciplinary classes have been the most effective for my learning and growth at school. Taking several interdisciplinary courses in high school has shown me how necessary it is to look through multiple lenses when trying to grasp a greater understanding of a subject. I have been most interested in the Humanities at Shipley and the interdisciplinary classes have given me the ability to combine my interests of English, History, and Art in an effective way.

Learning Without Boundaries
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a part of Shipley’s Art Department. Throughout my three years as an art major, I have become more and more grateful for Ms. O’Donnell and Mr. Baris and for the skills I have acquired. Ms. O and Mr. Baris both teach through experiential learning, so there are hardly any boundaries in terms of what can or cannot be created; this has always made me feel extremely comfortable, confident, and productive in their classes. Art class was so helpful throughout high school because it gave me the ability to unwind and sit with my thoughts for a period each day; I always left class in a better mood than I came in and I think every student should experience that daily.

Endless Curiosity, Limitless Potential
Mrs. Pickering was my most influential teacher at Shipley. She taught me to question everything I read, watch, and hear, thus preparing me for endless curiosity. Also, she was extremely empowering because she taught me to have high expectations of myself, which I believe is often difficult for teachers to instill in their students. Beyond the confidence and interest I gained, she pushed me towards understanding the quality of work, effort, and thought I was capable of. In her class, I learned how to independently motivate myself to seek success, and I know I will carry that through college and beyond.

Plans for Fall 2016
I will be studying in the Honors Program at the University of Colorado Boulder! Although I am declared as a psychology major, I’m expecting that might change as I am not sure on a career path and there are several subjects I’m interested in studying. Beyond experiencing CU Boulder’s unbelievable facilities and resources, I am extremely excited to become part of a beautiful community that is dedicated to preserving the environment and living sustainably. Also, I hope to meet people from all different backgrounds to gain a better understanding of other communities and cultures.

Future Ambition
In whatever I end up doing, I hope to involve my mixed interests of art and design, health, environmental sustainability, and psychology. I think this could possibly lead to working for a non-profit at some point, which I became super interested in while working at People’s Emergency Center during my Senior Service Project this year.

Shipley has prepared me to listen intently, express myself with confidence, and to want to help those in need.
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