Meet Maya Overton ’16

Maya Overton ’16
Currently Attending:
Years at Shipley:

Activities & Positions Held: Varsity Soccer, Chess Club; All-School President, Varsity Basketball Co-Captain

An Intimate Community
Coming from my local public school and knowing only a few people from soccer pre-season, my first impression of Shipley was one that remained consistent throughout my entire four years: warm, welcoming, and spirited. Shipley’s intimate community contrasted greatly from other school communities I have been a part of.

Learning to Challenge Myself
Before I entered Shipley, there were few things that I was comfortable doing, but Shipley’s liberal arts-esque requirements in tandem with its academic freedom allowed me to try new things while also fostering my known interests. Whether on the field, on the court, or in the classroom, I gave into the nature of challenging myself and working with others under one common goal.

Success is a Team Sport
I feel more prepared than I ever knew I could be for the next four years. I have spoken with many of my friends who have graduated from Shipley in the past few years, and they, in unanimity, have told me that Shipley has prepared them for all aspects of college at their respective universities. I must pay homage to every part of Shipley that has contributed to my personal growth throughout the years – my teachers, coaches, administrators, dean, teammates, fellow student governors, and every one of my classmates. Each group in its own respective way has allowed me to prepare for college as well as approach the world in a humble, spirited way.

Achieving the Unthinkable
As a timid new freshman four years ago, becoming All-School President was something I never could have foreseen. My time in student government is the source of so many important memories and experiences that have shaped my development throughout senior year and has made my relationship with Shipley more intimate – something I will always cherish.

Plans for Fall 2016
I will be attending Yale University.

Future Ambition
Collegiately, I plan to fulfill all Pre-Med requirements and apply to medical school. In the future, I hope to become a neurosurgeon. Since before I could form memories (according to my mom), I have been overly intrigued by science and medicine. My interest in becoming a doctor is innate and has been consistent to this day.

Shipley has prepared me to pursue my interests and passions in a humble, ambitious, and well-spirited manner.
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