Meet Harrison Rusk ’16

Harrison Rusk ’16

Currently Attending: Boston University
Years at Shipley: 8

Activities & Positions Held: Will Trippley Tutoring, Yearbook Photojournalism, Video Production, Tennis, Stage Crew

Passionate Teachers
Nearly every teacher I’ve had at Shipley has influenced me in some way or another—artistically, academically, and developmentally. They gave me a strong educational foundation, in addition to new perspectives and insights beyond traditional teaching. I found, especially in the English and History departments, that each teacher was incredibly passionate, which gave me a rush of energy to think and speak my mind in class and in discussions.

The Interdisciplinary Effect
Ms. Dejdar influenced me to voice my opinions, question, and helped me discover my own interest in psychology through a broad interdisciplinary scope. Doc made me think rather than memorize. I’ve never experienced a class like his in my life, and for that I am grateful. It was his class that cemented a lot of my beliefs and made me appreciate film and art tenfold. For me, interdisciplinary classes were always enjoyable, and they are one of the many components that make Shipley such an incredible place.

Plans for Fall 2016
I plan to attend Boston University where I will major in Film/Television.

Future Ambition
I’m passionate about filmmaking and photography and hope for a career in production and business. I am open to exploring the other interests that I have developed while at Shipley.

Shipley has prepared me to find who I want to be and where I want to go in life.
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