Meet Owain Thorogood ’16

Owain Thorogood
Currently Attending: Emory University
Years at Shipley: 2

Activities & Positions Held: Orchestra (French Horn), Varsity Soccer, Assistant Athletic Trainer for Varsity Basketball; Mathletes Co-Head

A Good Decision
For several frustrating years in public school, I would repeatedly decline my parents’ suggestion that I transfer to a private school. But after hearing about the incredible opportunities at Shipley from Thom Schauerman, the boys’ varsity soccer coach, and some friends at Shipley, I decided to transfer. Having enjoyed two wonderful years here, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Personal Growth, Community Warmth
Shipley has helped me experience tremendous growth as a student, as an athlete, as a musician, and as an individual – I entered Shipley as a shy, somewhat uninterested 11th grader, but I left as a confident and involved senior. Whether it was teachers encouraging me to take a more active role in the classroom, Coach Thom teaching me to become a leader on the soccer field, or my music teachers helping me find countless opportunities to perform, Shipley proved to me that its community truly is as caring and compassionate as everyone says.

A Guiding Force
While Shipley’s community has encouraged me to take risks, it’s not as though everything was handed to me on a platter. In truth, Shipley was more of a guiding force; as such, learning to find opportunities and take risks was certainly part of my own growing process. Thanks to Shipley, I feel as though I am entering college and the real world as a well-rounded individual.

Changing Course
One of my most influential teachers at Shipley was Mr. Goren. In taking Physics I and Chemistry II with Mr. Goren, I expected to confirm my interest in engineering; however, I actually achieved the opposite goal. Although I thoroughly enjoyed both classes, I realized that I’m really more interested in math and the social sciences than the pure or applied sciences. That said, Mr. Goren’s enthusiasm and passion for teaching really struck a chord with me. I am currently planning on studying Applied Mathematics and Economics in college, but I can potentially see myself following in Mr. Goren’s footsteps and teaching at some point in my life.

A Winning Moment
Some of my most cherished memories from my time at Shipley have come on the soccer field. I was fortunate to join a very talented group of players during my junior year, and I also had the pleasure of playing alongside my younger brother during my senior year. A particularly special moment for me was when we won our third consecutive Friends Schools League title.

Plans for Fall 2016
This fall, I will be attending Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Future Ambition
In college, I simply hope to explore and identify my interests, and see where they take me. However, one thing I can say is that I definitely want to continue my interdisciplinary studies in the future. Some of my favorite classes at Shipley have been the ones that embrace the interdisciplinary academic philosophy.

Furthermore, I hope that an interdisciplinary education can help me apply my skills to my line of work in the future. I really enjoyed my statistics and economics classes at Shipley, so as a huge soccer fan, I can see myself going into predictive analytics as it relates to either player performance or the business side of the beautiful game.

Shipley has prepared me to become not only a productive member of society, but also a compassionate and engaged leader in my community.
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