Meet Eric Yang ’16

Eric Yang ’16
Currently Attending:
Emory University
Years at Shipley: 3

Activities & Positions Held: Debate Team, DECA, Model UN, Varsity Tennis; Founder and President of China Club, Co-Chair of Chess Club, 11th Grade Executive Council

A Life-Changing Experience
Coming to Shipley has been a life-changing experience for me. Shipley has prepared me in numerous ways, not only for college, but also for life. I enjoyed all the enlightening conversations in classrooms and all the extracurricular activities. I met knowledgeable teachers and had a chance to explore my academic strengths under their guidance. I reaffirmed my passion for history and economics, but at the same time I developed a new perspective on math and science.

Leadership & Collaboration
My involvement in the community helped me build leadership and organizational skills. For example, I took the initiative in starting China Club and brought the first Chinese New Year Celebration to Shipley with support from my fellow classmates and teachers. I also learned to be broad-minded during my time at Shipley since I interacted with people from different cultural backgrounds and we cooperated on the basis of mutual understanding and respect.

Exploring My Potential
Shipley has provided so many chances for me to explore my potential and develop my interests. I have come up with ideas related to my passion in this encouraging environment, but more importantly, I have been able to bring these ideas to life by working with like-minded friends. For me, Shipley is a place where I can keep trying new ideas and practice the necessary leadership skills for the future.

Studying Abroad
Shipley offered me a valuable opportunity to study and grow in this country, and I am grateful for all of the support I’ve received since my first day here. It wasn’t easy for me to come to a foreign country by myself, but Shipley smoothed out this tough transition and made it home for me. I am proud to be part of this vigorous and warm community and will never forget my time here.

A Collective Effort
I had many memorable experiences at Shipley, but I am most proud of the Chinese New Year Celebration I organized in my junior year.  I always wanted to bring the Chinese culture to the Shipley community and this celebration gave me a chance to do that. I did lots of planning with China Club and Student Government, and it turned out to be a great success. It was a three-day event with decorations, a Chinese lunch, a tea party, and traditional Chinese music performance. I was impressed by how cooperative and open-mined my peers are and grateful for all the support from the entire Shipley community. It was a collective effort and I was so glad that we made it happen.

Plans for Fall 2016
I will be attending Emory University.

Future Ambition
I am very interested in startups and international relations. I want to study economics and minor in international relations in college. I would love to explore the possibility of combining the two in an interesting and meaningful way. Macroeconomics with Dr. Rebholz was one of my favorite classes at Shipley. We talked about fundamental economics concepts as well as trending economic phenomena. I benefitted a lot from Doc’s analysis on national policies and corporate strategies, and found business is something that I want to pursue in the future.

Shipley has prepared me to define the community in which I am part of.
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