Meet Dylan Matthews '17

Dylan Matthews ’17
Currently Attending: 
Tulane University
Years at Shipley: 7
Activities & Positions Held: Tennis Captain, Debate Team, International Club

How Shipley Shaped Me
The Shipley environment has made me into the well-rounded person that I am today. Shipley offers a diverse range of activities, both academic and extracurricular. The community feeling that Shipley fosters is conducive towards a helpful learning environment and a place where everyone is accepted. I had the option of taking classes that genuinely interested me such as Macroeconomics and Islam in the Modern World.

I have grown as a student on account of the invested faculty and the resources available to the students. I am prepared as a student for college and as a person for my experiences outside of the classroom. A lot of this is because of Shipley not only giving me the avenue for success, but also allowing me to fail. Shipley places an emphasis on students following their passions, as I did for my final paper in my class on Islam. I wanted to research the fascinating topic of Islamic banking, and this paper allowed me to do that. Shipley gave me the space to find what I am passionate about and the resources to achieve my goals.

Most Memorable Experience
In my honors U.S. History class during junior year, we did a case study involving racial prejudice on a jury. That unit culminated in a debate where we discussed the problem and possible solutions. This experience is representative of my time at Shipley as a whole. An eye-opening academic pursuit that ended in productive discussion.

Plans for Fall 2017
I will attend Tulane University.

Future Ambition
I have a passion for helping people and I have realized that in order to help the masses, I need to and want to be a policymaker. Through my history classes at Shipley, I have been exposed to the intricacies of our government.
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