Meet Kate Aschkenasy '17

Kate Aschkenasy ’17
Currently Attending: 
University of Southern California
Years at Shipley: 14
Activities & Positions Held: Student Government, Sports Editor for the Beacon, Admissions Ambassador, Varsity Tennis Captain Team, Varsity Volleyball

How Shipley Shaped Me
Going to Shipley was one of the best gifts that my parents ever gave me. While the academics are unparalleled, the community and the type of person who is attracted to a school like Shipley makes it such a special place. Everyone is passionate, interested, and engaged; which further influences classroom discussion and brings a diversity of thought to every classroom. Sitting in class, everyone is genuinely happy to be there. The teachers allow you to get things wrong, which is refreshing and allows everyone to feel like they can take risks and push themselves.

I also love that the community is so focused on giving back. Shipley goes above and beyond on their partnerships and does everything possible to help others in a time of need. However, what is truly different about Shipley is the importance placed on volunteerism. It is a character trait that is integral to being a Shipley student.

Shipley also gave me the confidence to be the student that I am. My teachers believed in me when I truly did not believe in myself and pushed me to a level academically that I never knew I could reach. The growth that I have experienced over just my last four years of high school is incredible and exciting.

Most Memorable Experience
Giving my TED talk was my most memorable experience. For Ms. Greenberg’s class, The Here and Now, our final presentation was to give a TED talk, with all of the same requirements as a real one. I have never worked harder on something in my life, and I was so excited to share my final product.

Plans for Fall 2017
I will be attending the University of Southern California.
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