Dr. Julian Hayter Visits Upper School to Lead Discussion on Confederate Monuments

Dr. Julian Hayter, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond, visited Shipley's Upper School to lead discussions on Confederate monuments in the South. Hayter’s evening address focused on the relationship between history and memory. More specifically, the current issues surrounding Confederate memory and reimagining how our country can move forward.

Dr. Hayter is a nationally-renowned historian who has written and spoken extensively on the issues of race in America. His research focuses on modern U.S. history, African American history, and the American civil rights movement. His books include The Dream is Lost: Voting Rights and the Politics of Race in Richmond, Virginia. Hayter has been a thoughtful voice in the discussion of Confederate statues, contributing to various national journals and media outlets, and he was recently featured on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper discussing “The History and Future of Confederate Monuments.” Hayter sits on the Monument Avenue Commission in Richmond, Virginia, which is charged with recommending how the city could add context to the Confederate statues lining Monument Avenue.

Head of School Steve Piltch said, "Professor Hayter was among the more inspiring and charismatic presenters we’ve had at Shipley. He pushed us to understand that there’s bias in all history. In turn, when we read about history, our job is not necessarily to believe it but to use it to set up the next questions we want to ask about what actually happened."

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