Meet Josh Stewart '18

Josh Stewart '18
Currently Attending: 
University of Miami
Years at Shipley: 4
Activities & Positions Held: Soccer (two seasons, Crew (four seasons) , Squash (one season), Tennis (one season), Action Research, Beacon, Environmental Club, BSU, SpeakUp!, Ecuador Service Trip Summer 2015, Fall Play, Spring Musical

How Shipley Shaped Me
Being at Shipley has essentially helped me come out of my shell and discover who I really am. Shipley has helped me realize my potential and has enabled me to identify this potential and put it in my own hands so that I may do what I please with it. I tend to second guess myself a lot, and Shipley taught me how to always go with my gut and in most cases, my first intuition is always the right one. So when it comes to using my potential and using it in my own way, my first intuition has proved to always be the most beneficial for all because I inherently have a heart for people.

Shipley has prepared me for college and life through academic rigor. Simply put, a Shipley education is not easy. Each and every class is very analytical and really gets you to think on your own. Life and college are a lot like the way Shipley nurtured me to think in the classroom. You determine how well you do based on your effort and focus. No one else should take responsibility for your own success. One of the biggest risks I took during my time at Shipley was the first time I spoke in front of the whole community on behalf of the Environmental Club at an All School Assembly. I had never spoken in front of a large crowd up to that point so I was extremely nervous. However, when I got up and spoke I had a huge surge of confidence and from that point on I have always been eager to speak whenever the opportunity is given to me. I got so comfortable with having an audience that I even started to perform through song and rap at Upper School assemblies and participated in both the fall plays and spring musical my senior year.

Who was your most influential teacher and why?
Ms. Workman. She really taught me how to be a better writer and how to comprehend material in a very analytical way. Although she made us write a lot through journals and other things, she made it a useful segment of time because it helped us fully understand the work we were reading. She pushed me to work to my fullest potential while identifying my creativity and emphasizing it to help me improve.

Most Memorable Experience
My most memorable experience would have to be my performance in Hairspray when I played the lead role of Seaweed. It really allowed me to share my newly-discovered voice and dancing skills with my peers by playing a character that really exemplified my outgoing qualities.

Plans for Fall 2018
I will be attending the University of Miami majoring in meteorology with a minor in climate science and policy.

What does “Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing” mean to you?
To me, “Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing” means that those who are courageous are able to really make change and that those who make change are rewarding to not only themselves but also so many others.

Complete this sentence: Shipley has prepared me...
to take on the world with confidence and an eagerness to make a change.


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