Meet Kathryn Wurster '18

Kathryn Wurster '18
Currently Attending: 
Syracuse University
Years at Shipley: 14
Activities & Positions Held: Student Athletic Trainer, Shipley Singers, Glee Club, Fall/Winter/Spring Productions, Scheduling Committee, Environmental Club, Positive Paws

How Shipley Shaped Me
Shipley has taught me to never give up and always face challenges with an open mind. As a lifer, I have tried many different activities throughout my life at Shipley. For example, I’ve tried theater, soccer, volleyball, public speaking, athletic training, tennis, singing, and much more. I ended up sticking with some of the activities (theater, singing, and athletic trainer) but other activities were very challenging for me. I have never been much of an athlete so when we were required to play sports in Middle School it was a challenge for me. I had to go in with an opening mind and try my best, but what helped was looking for the good parts of the sport. Like being part of a team and knowing they’ve all got my back even if I fail.

Shipley has also prepared me for college life by always encouraging me to try new things. I was walking to the Gordon Center one day when I discovered the art room had been turned into the engineering room. At first, I had no idea what you could make in that room besides mousetrap race cars and note card towers, but I soon learned all the amazing possibilities the room offered. I learned to work with a 3D printer and a laser engraver, which is something that before junior year I never thought I would be able to do in my life, but Shipley gave me the possibility to explore.

Who was your most influential teacher and why?
My most influential teacher was Mark Tassoni, for teaching me how to figure things out for myself. By not teaching such structured lessons in how to use Photoshop, he instead gave us time to explore.

Most Memorable Experience
My most memorable experience at Shipley was the Second Grade Desert Zoo. We all chose an animal and made an exhibit with a shoebox, markers, and clay. We then presented our animals in the big gym and dressed up like zookeepers. I was especially excited because my grandparents were in town and I could not wait to show them my exhibit on the pupfish!

Plans for Fall 2018
In the Fall of 2018, I will be attending Syracuse University.

What does “Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing” mean to you?
It means to always take a stand for what you believe in and be respectful of others.

Complete this sentence: Shipley has prepared me...
to face challenges with an open mind and to never give up.


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