Second Grade Desert Zoo Goes Digital in Shipley Learns Online

In a normal school year, the second grade Desert Zoo project is a highlight for teachers, students, parents, and friends in the Shipley community. The capstone project involves interdisciplinary work in language arts, music, science, and art, culminating with a performance, presentations, and a celebration of students’ hard work. Even with the move to Shipley Learns Online, second graders were able to complete this highly anticipated unit and were able to share their high level work with the world.
The students researched, took notes, and wrote reports about desert animals in their language arts reading groups. In music class, they wrote a verse for a desert animal song, in science class, they learned about desert habitats and made food webs, and in art class they made a model of their animal along with its habitat.
The project was completed entirely through Shipley Learns Online. The books were accessed through EPIC, the reports were written using a publishing website called Wixie, and the science, music, and artwork was shared through Flipgrid and Padlet. Finally, the children used their best public speaking skills to present their work in a video recorded with Microsoft TEAMS.
“This interdisciplinary project demonstrates creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication, all completed while developing digital literacy skills,” said teacher Marian Roche.

Desert Zoo Presentations by Second Graders



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