Learning to Set Healthy Boundaries in Upper School SEED

This semester in SEED (Shipley's social emotional learning program) class, tenth graders are exploring the topic of human sexuality with an emphasis on communication, bodily autonomy, and personal and collective well-being. 

On Valentine's Day, students rotated through different partners for a boundaries “speed dating” activity. They used a deck of cards with “what would you do” boundary-setting scenarios and questions about what healthy boundaries in relationships look and feel like. "The activity fits into our larger unit on healthy and unhealthy relationships – the goal is for students to identify and practice healthy behaviors, boundary-setting skills, and consent in their relationships with themselves and others," explained SEED teacher Jamie O'Leary.

The goal of the unit reflects Shipley's emphasis on individual and collective well-being, which prepares students who are better equipped to navigate a rapidly changing world through immersion in a communal culture founded on diversity, equity, and inclusion, mutual respect, and compassion.

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