Shipley's Black History Month Celebrations

Black History Month was celebrated throughout the month of February as divisions and as a school. Take a look at the many activities that happened on campus.

Upper School Black Student Union Activities
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View other activities hosted by the Black Student Union.

Upper School Assembly
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View photos of the Upper School an All School Assemblies

Middle School Assembly
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Lower School Assembly
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Lower School Door Project
Another way Lower School celebrated Black History Month was to take a deeper look at the rich, impactful, and innovative ways Black Americans have contributed to the arts. Lower School classes created a walking gallery of tribute, gratitude, and information about Black artists on their classroom doors. Students took many learning walks through the halls!

View photos of the Lower School Door Project:

Celebrating Black Voices During Black History Month
Shipley's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion asked members of the Shipley community who identify as Black or African American what their race/ethnicity means to them, why Black History Month is important, and what their hopes are for the future. See what they had to say.


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