From the Beacon - In Focus: Upper School Clubs and Activities

Andrew McCarthy ’23
One of the most important aspects of this community is our activities and clubs where students can embrace their passions! A few activities have been highlighted in order to provide information on what they’re working on currently and their plans for the future.

Asian Student Alliance

Advised by Ms. Tang and led by junior Amber Feng, the Asian Student Alliance seeks to “cultivate a safe space for Asian students.”

What’s happening now?
The Asian Student Alliance meets once every two weeks on Green Thursdays in room S107. During their meetings, students enjoy food from Asian cultures while playing card games and Mahjong. Club president, Amber Feng, explained that one of her goals is to create a “culture of sharing at Shipley.” The conversations happening between students in the room are always positive and insightful.

Plans for the future?
As of now, the Asian Student Alliance has a number of exciting activities planned for upcoming meetings. They are hoping to bring in guest speakers, and they are considering the possibility of cross-school collaborations with nearby schools. Going forward, the club strives to continue providing students with a safe space to celebrate their identity.


Advised by Dr. Brandao and led by senior Kevin Zheng, the STEAM Club seeks to “give students the opportunity to work with tools in the Maker Space.”

What’s happening now?
The STEAM Club meets once every two weeks on Green Mondays in the Maker Space lab.

During their meetings, students engage in hands-on learning and experimentation, making use of the 3D printer, the laser cutter, and materials such as wood and cardboard. Currently, the club members are working on an interactive “STEAM” sign which will be displayed in the Maker Space lab.

Plans for the future?
Going forward, the STEAM Club is considering the possibility of redesigning the Python room with the help of their advisor, Dr. Brandao.

Sprouts Horticulture Club

Advised by Ms. Sterling and Ms. Couture and co-led by senior Wyatt Strawbridge, Sprouts seeks to “increase the popularity of horticultural engagement in the Shipley community.”

What’s happening now?
Sprouts meets once every week in the Greenhouse. During their meetings, students participate in a variety of activities, including caring for flower bulbs, planting raised-bed gardens, and preparing plants for sale in the Spring.

In partnership with the Lower School, club members are currently making ornaments for a holiday-themed tree which will be included in a seasonal event at Longwood Gardens.

Plans for the future?
In March, Sprouts will be working on forcing flower bulbs for the Flower Show run by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society.

Students will each get the chance to design their own individual submission, while also collaborating on creating a singular, large-scale submission of a door entryway.

Global Village

Advised by Mr. Oatts and led by seniors Kevin Zheng, Zion Alexis, and Keith Brennan, Global Village seeks to “learn about languages and cultures around the globe.”

What’s happening now?
Global Village meets once every two weeks on Blue Tuesdays in room US SP102. Using the website ITalk, students discover and reach out to native speakers from various different countries.

During their meetings, students ask these speakers questions about the culture and customs of their native country. Often, they learn how to greet one another in the speaker’s native language. So far, they have spoken to Korean, Filipino, and Moroccan speakers. Club leaders sometimes bring in traditional snacks and treats from the speaker’s native country.

Plans for the future?
For their upcoming meetings, Global Village is looking forward to the possibility of chatting with international speakers from countries such as Israel and Sri Lanka.

Wharton Investment Club

Advised by Ms. Nappi and led by junior Chase Leibowitz, the Wharton Investment Club seeks to “create the best portfolio for the case studies they are given.”

What’s happening now?
The Wharton Investment Club meets once every two weeks on Green Tuesdays in room US M205. During their meetings, students simulate buying and selling stocks through the Wharton Global High School Investment Competition, an online investment simulation. Competitors are given $100,000 and challenged to make the most profitable investments they can.

The Wharton Investment Club members recently invested in stock from Axis Bank Limited, a financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, which, to their surprise, is doing particularly well.

Plans for the future?
Going forward, the Wharton Investment Club hopes to finish the preliminary competition at a high enough standing to make it to the finals. We wish them luck!

Ceramics Club

Advised by Ms. Royer and led by seniors McKylah Fletcher and Katherine Foulke, the Ceramics Club seeks to “provide students with a space where they can express their artistic visions.”

What’s happening now?
The Ceramics Club meets once a week on Blue Mondays and Green Thursdays in room SC217. During their meetings, club members shape, glaze, and fire sculptures and pottery out of clay. Whether they are throwing on the wheel, glazing a piece, or sculpting with their hands, students are permitted to work entirely independently and at their own pace.

Plans for the future?
Going forward, the Ceramics Club plans to continue providing students with an open studio—a place where they can feel free to express themselves while always having access to guidance and support.


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