From the Beacon: Mean Girls Will Be Totally Fetch!

Colin Harkins ’23
Get in losers, Shipley’s Spring Musical is Mean Girls! In November, the Theater Department announced that this year’s musical is Mean Girls, a modern adaptation of the classic movie from 2004. The show follows Cady Heron as she navigates high school and its social challenges.

Surrounded by a cast of iconic characters, Cady is forced to find a way to fit in while trying to find herself in the process. The songs are catchy, the dance numbers are over-the-top, and the quotable catchphrases are infinite — essentially, it’s a must-watch.

After its successful run on Broadway, the show has finally become available for schools across the country, with Shipley being one of the first to stage the production. With over 50 students vying for the chance to portray iconic characters like Regina George and Janis Ian, the mid-December auditions saw one of the largest turnouts in recent Shipley memory.

Like always, students were cast in either the Main Cast or the Understudy Cast as a lead role or in both casts as a supporting character. Typically, seniors dominate the Main Cast, but with only a few participating this year, underclassmen deservedly filled many roles. Notably, the three “Mean Girls” — Regina, Karen, and Gretchen—are played by two juniors and a sophomore. (Avery Rehl ’24, Lola Troiano ’25, and Riley Medina ’24, respectively). Janis Ian, another lead part, is played by a Junior, Izzy Goldstein ’24. Other major roles such as Damian, Cady Heron, and Aaron Samuels are played by me, Caroline Kaye ’23, and Andrew McCarthy ’23, respectively.

Some may see Mean Girls as a controversial musical choice, as its dialogue and themes push the line of what’s traditionally deemed “school appropriate.” However, the content of the script is reflective of modern-day teens: we can be crude, rude, and flat-out evil, and it may be refreshing for audiences to watch a production that doesn’t shy away from the reality of high school. The dialogue also makes the show more enjoyable for the actors and actresses who feel more connected to their roles than ever before. Members of the cast find themselves relating to the emotions and experiences of their characters in ways that not many musicals can provide.

Mean Girls is set to be one of the most memorable moments of this school year. Student Government is already planning ways to boost anticipation for the performances, which run March 2 - 4. With the largest cast and most recognizable musical selection in years, Mean Girls has a lot to live up to. If you ask me, I’d say Mean Girls will be totally fetch!


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