Middle School Latin Students Recognized for Excellence in Latin

2023 National Latin Examination
In March, Shipley's Middle School Latin students took the 2023 National Latin Examination. This exam awards recognition for an individual student’s academic achievement by accuracy score on questions of Latin grammar recognition, vocabulary, Latin phrases, Roman history, mythology, geography, reading comprehension, English derivatives, and more. Shipley MS students were joined by over 100,000 other young scholars from all 50 US States, as well as 13 foreign countries including Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.
Thirteen students earned Latin Award prizes and recognition for excellence.

SUMMA CUM LAUDE “With Highest Praise”
Grade 7: 
Ellie Mulligan
Grade 8: 
Sophie Hansen
MAXIMA CUM LAUDE “With Very Great Praise”
Grade 7: 
Ethan March
Grade 8: 
Jackson Wiseman
Shea Kelleher              
MAGNA CUM LAUDE “With Great Praise”
Grade 7: 
Finn Kelleher

CUM LAUDE “With Praise”
Grade 8: 
Amira Benarieb

Grade 7: 
Kate Ulrich
Tia Farrell
Ben Riggio
Connon Straub
Grade 8:
Lucas van Binsbergen
Billy Slawe

The Philadelphia Classical Society's 84th Annual Latin Week Competition -
Traditional Artistry & Literary Projects on Classical Themes

Students submitted an original interpretation or representation of an artifact, subject, or scene suggested by classical Greek or Roman mythology, history, archaeology, or literature. There are ten categories in the division.

A total of 30 Middle School students won Latin Awards and recognition for excellence: 

Grade 6
Paul Mattis - Costume (Life Size, Military) "Roman Shield and Sword" set *Best of Category Winner

Grade 7
Carolina Pollack - Model  “Pandora’s Box” 3-D laser printed designs on stained wood with circuitry

Grade 8: 
Billy Slawe - Minecraft Building “Pont du Gard” (Roman Aqueduct) 
Amira Benarieb - Literary: Poetry in English “Medusa”

Grade 6: 
Naya Marreddy - Drawing “Athena’s Owl”

Grade 7:
Finn Kelleher - Costume (Military) “Roman Shield”
Connor Straub - Sculpture “Gladiator” painted Roman theater mask
Kate Ulrich - Mosaic (soft)  “Colosseum” paper tesserae mosaic
Tia Farrell - Drawing “Medusa”
Maggie Coyne - Drawing “Cupid and Psyche”

Grade 8: 
Andrew Paul - 3-D laser printed “Roman Coins” (Nero, obverse and reverse)
Evan Capobianco - Minecraft Building “A Roman Villa”
Will Mattis - Mosaic (soft) “Magnifica Bestia” (Monkey, paper tesserae)
Jonah Marciano - 3-D laser printed “Mors Caesari!” (2-sided, Roman Coin)
Savannah Renzulli - 3-D laser printed “Ides of March” (2-sided, Roman Coin)
Jackson Wiseman - Drawing  “Dionysus” with unnamed female
Shea Kelleher - Costume Military “Roman Armour”
Jamie Haugen - Model “Medusa’s Lair”, her temple with 3-D laser printed Medusa

Grade 6:
Matilda Hoffman - Model  “Pandora’s Box, with Hope inside”
Benjamin Polster - Digital Art  “Hercules and the Hydra” (Abstract Art)
Cameron Beller - Sculpture  “Masked Actor” (Roman theater figurine)
Joshua Huh - Costume (Military)  “The Wings of Tigris” Roman gladiator’s helmet

Grade 7:
Ethan March - Sculpture   “Mars” painted Roman theater mask with helmet
Ellie Mulligan - Sculpture   “Neptune” painted Roman theater mask with wave
Ben Riggio - Sculpture    “Zeus” painted Roman theater mask with lightning bolt
Kayden Aronson - Painting  “A Roman Aqueduct”

Grade 8: 
Dylan Leven - Drawing  “Aftermath of a Roman battle”
Cole Feldman - Mosaic (soft) “Geometric detail” Fishbourne Villa, Roman floor design
Lukas Farrell - Minecraft Building  “Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii”
Sophie Hansen - 3-D laser printed “Elephant Coin” Roman coin, 2-sided designs


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