Upper School Students Honored at Closing Awards Ceremony

On Thursday, May 30 the Upper School held its annual Closing Awards Ceremony. During this ceremony, Shipley recognized the outgoing and incoming student leadership officers and presented students with academic, athletic, and leadership awards. Congratulations to the following students:


The Sandi Richards Service Prize: Hailey Murray and Niamh Birkett                                                           
Awarded by The Student Life Committee of The Shipley School Board of Trustees to an underclassman for character and service.

The Mary Law Starr Prize: Emily Nesbitt and Missiah Gamble-Russell
Awarded to a student in grade nine who has demonstrated leadership, influence, and responsibility. 

The Elizabeth Warrick Curtis Award: Cecilia Stanislaus
Sponsored by Kathy Guy Dawson ’78. This award is given annually to an Upper School student whose exemplary leadership and achievements contributed to promoting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture by making a difference and leaving a significant impact on others within the Shipley community. This student will have consistently demonstrated their commitment to respecting and honoring differences through courage and grace, while encouraging and supporting everyone to flourish and thrive. 

The first group of students to be recognized today are those who have been honored by academic organizations outside the school:
Anderson Art Prize: Avery Ominsky
The recipient of The Anderson Prize is chosen by an outside juror. This prize is awarded to a senior art student whose work exhibits depth of vision and a wide range of technical expertise.The juror takes into account the basic considerations such as presentation, composition, and color. Yet the greatest emphasis is placed on those all-important, and most difficult to achieve intangibles: originality and the development of a compelling and cohesive body of ideas.
The Leila Peck Horticulture Award: Elly Roses and James Tornetta
Awarded to a student who has made an outstanding contribution to the Shipley Sprouts. The award is not necessarily given to the person who has won the most ribbons in the flower shows, but to the person who has been an enthusiastic participant in all phases of Sprouts: shows, projects, and club time.  The prize recognizes willingness to work as well as a conscientious worker.

The Frances Kellett Roberts Prize: Kayla Tidwell
Established in memory of Frances Kellett Roberts, Class of 1947, and given to the student who earns the most points in the Philadelphia Flower Show.


Janet Neville: Richard Liu
Given in memory of Janet Neville, brilliant and gifted member of the Class of 1946, to a member of the junior class who, like Janet, has true intellectual promise. 

Harvard University: Charlie Cutler
For the outstanding junior: excellence in scholarship and achievement in other fields –school spirit, ability, scholarship, and influence.
University of Pennsylvania: Cathleen Diez-Damen
This award is made to a junior who has established an excellent academic record, shown leadership outside the classroom, and has demonstrated high personal and academic integrity. 

Haverford College Award: Doris Du
The Haverford College Book Award recognizes a student whose highly distinguished record of scholarship is shaped by deep curiosity and broad intellectual interests, and who wants to make a difference in the world.

Yale University: Mia Adamczyk
For outstanding personal character and intellectual promise.

Tulane University: Mehmet Aksoy
This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, and public service.


The Phi Beta Kappa Prize: Amber Feng
Awarded to the student with the highest academic average for the high school years.

The Senior Scholarship Prize: Jaden Skop
Awarded to the student who has earned the second-highest academic average for the high school years.

The David Rich Latin Prize: Jacob Ominsky
The David Rich Latin Prize is named in honor of the career of David Rich, Latin teacher at Shipley for over 30 years. The prize is given to the student who best exemplifies the spirit and philosophy of David’s pedagogy, which combined the highest standards for academic achievement with a deep appreciation for the beauty and emotion of Latin literature.
The Modern Language Prizes 
For French, Mandarin and Spanish are awarded to advanced-level honors students who have consistently demonstrated a love of language, a sensitivity to foreign cultures, a strong work ethic, and have attained a high level of proficiency.

Spanish: Matteo Malabuyo
Mandarin: Charlie Krieg
French: Xander Gillin

The Penelope Julliard '56 Double Language Award: Ella Zadnik
This award recognizes a student who is committed to language and cultural studies. This award is for a student who has studied more than one language and consistently demonstrated a passion and talent for the learning of language.

The Williams Garthwaite English Award: Peter Roussanov
Established in honor of two close friends and members of the Class of 1930, Lee Garthwaite and Mary Louise Williams.  It is awarded to the student who best combines analytical thought, originality, and elegance of style in writing with genuine and lively contributions to the intellectual life of the classroom.

The June Avery Snyder Prize: Melanie Missias-Manning
Given in memory of June Avery Snyder, Class of 1937, by her husband in honor of what would have been her 50th reunion.  The prize is awarded to a student who has shown marked proficiency in creative writing, and who combines with that talent, enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, joy for living, compassion, and the leaven of humor.

The Allegra Woodworth History Prize: Lee Li and Peter Roussanov
Named in honor and memory of Allegra Woodworth, esteemed history teacher from 1927 to 1971.  This prize is awarded to a student who, in the course of studies in the Upper School has demonstrated scholarly zeal in works of distinction.

The George Wrangham & Margaret Ralph History Research Prize: Melanie Missias-Manning and Parker Gertz
This award was established in 2009 in celebration of the extraordinary impact that Mr. Wrangham and Mrs. Ralph had on their students during their years at Shipley. Mr. Wrangham and Mrs. Ralph possessed incomparable passion for learning and commitment to the research. This award is given annually to the sophomore or junior student or students who produce the best research paper or project as judged by members of the history department.

The Catherine Bohlen Interdisciplinary Prize: Scarlett McDonnell
Given in honor of this long-time teacher of history and history of art.  It is awarded to the student who demonstrates excellence in Interdisciplinary Studies.

The Daniel M. Caesar Award: Max Davis, Ananda Leahy, Nick Marks, Arsema Mengistu, Benji Nesmith and Aidan Peterson
This award was established in 1993 in memory of Dan Caesar, Class of 1990, in honor of his ability and love of music. The award is given to a student who has contributed the most to musical performance at Shipley.
The Scammon Jones Music Prize: Nick Marks
This award is given annually to the student who maintains the highest level of achievement in the study of music theory.
The Performing Arts Prize: Avery Rehl
This prize is awarded for excellence in theatrical performance.

The Charles S. Owen Science Department Prize: Emily Kucharzcuk
The Science Department prize recognizes students who have inquiring scientific minds and distinguished academic records in upper-level courses in all of the three major scientific disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
The Margaret Williams Prize in Mathematics: Amber Feng and Hailey Li
This award recognizes an outstanding student of mathematics who demonstrates genuine intellectual curiosity and revels in exploring complex problems, making connections, and asking questions that spark rich discourse.

The STEAM Award: Emily Kucharczuk and Josh Cohen
The STEAM Department prize recognizes a student who has embraced the ability to create, innovate and implement the iterative design process as well as the ability to inspire others. 

The Graham Barrott Computer Science Prize: Jacob Ominsky
Awarded to a student who by his ability, interest, enthusiasm and curiosity has achieved excellent standards of work and produced superior lab programs throughout the year.

The Merry Tropp Sportsmanship Award: Alanna McBrearty and Gyasi Miller
Established in 1996  in loving memory of Merry Tropp, head girls’ varsity squash coach to recognize senior athletes who best demonstrate the dedication, commitment, and sportsmanship, in practice and play exemplified by Merry as a teacher, coach, athlete and friend. We recognize two athletes in the name of Merry Tropp. 

The Esther Forbes Russell Prize: Ben Bradlow and Sophie Shapiro
Given to a senior who has excelled in both academics and athletics, this award was established in 1946 by the father of Esther Forbes Russell ’36 to honor her accomplishments as a scholar and athlete at Shipley. 
The Richard L. Maack Father’s Association Bowl: Noah Laackman and Xander Gillin
Awarded in honor of Richard L. Maack, Director of Athletics from 1991-1999, and is given to the Shipley male athlete who through sportsmanship, ability, and enthusiasm has contributed the most to Shipley athletics.

The White Blazer Award: Talia Devon                       
Honors the senior girl who has played on two or more varsity teams and through her dedication, enthusiasm and skill best exemplifies Shipley’s top female athletes.


The Theodore Spencer Award: Jordyn Faragalli
Given to a senior for character and service.

The Alumni Prize: Benji Nesmith
For conduct, spirit, and influence. To a junior or senior. 

Havermyer Dobie: Avery Johnston and Omoy Miller
For effort, cooperation, spirit and service. 

The Anne Garrett Buck Memorial Award: Amber Feng
To a senior for academic honors through consistent effort, significant extracurricular contributions, and the warmth and generosity of spirit of Sissy Buck.

The Worden Prize: Alanna McBrearty      
The Worden Prize is given annually to a student who is likely to perform to the best of his or her abilities, who participates enthusiastically in the life of the school, and who exhibits both a caring for others and a sensitivity to the needs of humankind.

The John J. Serrell Prize: Arsema Mengistu
Given to a senior whose moral character, selflessness, strength in adversity, and involvement in school life have brought Shipley more fully to its mission by making this a community where all are welcomed and all may succeed.

The Class of 1944 Bowl: Ethan Budway and Trevor Budway
To one of the three upper classes with the highest standard of citizenship, and to the student who is truly representative of the citizenship of the class. 

The Avery Silverman School Spirit Award: Matt Lange
This award recognizes a member of the senior class whose passion, humor, loyalty and conviction renew our spirits, and whose sincerity, openness and honesty command our respect.

The Tamara Tirjan Memorial Award: Hailey Li
I would like to acknowledge the members of Tammy’s family who are present - Heidi Tirjan, Max Tirjan, Class of 2020, and senior Liv Tirjan. Given to a senior who has an outstanding academic record, and who has demonstrated perseverance, maturity, personal warmth, common sense, and quiet leadership by example. 

The Thomas W. Nammack Award: Matteo Malabuyo and Riley Medina
Presented in honor of Tom Nammack, who led the Shipley Upper School with warmth, humor and integrity from 1993 - 2005; it is awarded annually to a member of the senior class whose character, leadership, and sense of humor represent those personal traits of Tom Nammack and whose breadth of interests and involvement in academics and co-curricular activities have earned the respect of the community and have improved the quality of life for students and faculty at Shipley. Nominations are made by the faculty and the recipient is determined by the Head of Upper School and the Head of School. 

Emma Bailey Speer Prize: Emily Kucharczuk
In recognition of tremendous personal growth over the years, to a student who has learned the real meaning of "Courage for the Deed, Grace for the Doing."  The recipient has high standards, a sense of responsibility, a willingness to work, a concern for others and contagious enthusiasm.

The Lambert Leadership Award: Sophie Shapiro
This award is given annually to the Upper School student who best exemplifies a commitment to excellence in all areas of school life and models the leadership, strength, and conviction of the three Lambert sisters, Ali '96, Erica '99, and Jill '03, each of whom served as All School President and helped to make Shipley a better school for Shipley students of today and tomorrow.


The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.