Meg Biddle '68: Drawing Inspiration from Everyday Life

Jared Scott Tesler

Did you know Barbie’s flawless frame — made up entirely of polyvinyl chloride — has been linked to breast cancer? Have you ever seen a nun dancing the cancan? How about a menopausal cat cooling itself off in front of an open fridge?

When it comes to the cartoons, drawings, and paintings of Meg Biddle ’68, viewers can expect the unexpected. But one thing’s for sure: They’ll walk away feeling enlightened, entertained, or both.

In addition to her artwork, Biddle maintains a trio of blogs — Little Biddle Books,Late Night Art, and The Nightstand Project — and mentors motivated young adults through Monterey, California-based Youth Arts Collective, which she co-founded in 2000 with fellow artist Marcia Perry.

During her high school years, Biddle’s favorite teacher, Miss McKee, served as her mentor (“I felt creative in her presence,” she recalls). As one of Shipley’s very first art majors, she was presented with the key to the Fine Arts Department, where she often found herself uninhibitedly doodling the night away.

These days, Biddle’s art-making involves a highly collaborative process. “When I bring up my current prompt, project, survey, or experiment with friends at dinner or strangers on planes, and they immediately offer candid responses,” she maintains, “that’s when I know I’m on to something.”

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