Meet our Student Ambassadors

Meet Ishea '19

Activities & Positions:
I have been involved with crew and yearbook for three years. In addition, I have participated in student government - I was class president in my sophomore year, and I will be senior class president this year!
Favorite Club:
My favorite club is yearbook because it allows me to capture and document the excitement that happens throughout the school year. I schedule group photos, take pictures, operate in Photoshop and place photos in InDesign.
Favorite Class:
Although I really enjoy science and math, my favorite class thus far has been English 11 Honors with Dr. Pickering. I love how in depth we analyze the texts, which focus on consciousness and what it means to be an American. In class, we read foundational and contemporary texts and relate the themes conveyed in the literature to the real world. I've always enjoyed reading books in many genres, from classics to humorous fiction to mysteries, and Dr. Pickering’s class raised the bar in every regard.
Favorite Shipley Memory:
When I think of Shipley I think of community. I was new to Shipley in 9th grade, and from the beginning of my time here I have felt welcomed. I genuinely enjoy being around Shipley, hanging out, and talking to students and faculty.
Most Valuable Lesson Learned:
I have learned to take every opportunity possible. Shipley offers a variety of classes, sports, clubs, and school events. High school is a time to find your interests, and at Shipley, you can dabble in a little bit of everything. I have learned that putting yourself out there and trying something new can be rewarding – an example being when I ran for sophomore class president during my 9th-grade year.
Advice to New Students:
If I could give my freshman self any advice, it would be to talk to as many new people as possible: classmates, students in other grades, teachers, faculty, dining staff, anyone. The things that have brought me the most joy during my time at Shipley are my relationships with the people I see every day. Students spend a majority of their time at school, and meaningful relationships make that time as enjoyable as possible. Also, join a club! There is a myriad of clubs at Shipley, and no matter what your interest, there's probably a club for you. On a side note, utilize Shipley's workout gym...nothing is worse than falling out of shape during an offseason and having to get back in shape from scratch!
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