Meet our Student Ambassadors

Meet Lindsey '20

Activities & Positions​: 
I have worn many hats at Shipley and have participated in a wide variety of activities. Since freshman year, I have been a staff member of Tempora Praeterita, Shipley’s yearbook. When I was a sophomore, I co-founded, Women in Power, a club devoted to reducing biases and encouraging female participation in technology, business, and politics. During my junior year, I joined the Compass, an annually produced literary magazine. I primarily work with students in the writing and editing process. I also became a member of Action Research, a group of students working to identify core social and academic issues manifested at Shipley. I am the Co-Head of Positive Paws, an afterschool character enrichment program for first-grade students at the Andrew Jackson School in South Philadelphia. I also serve as the Co-Head of Lower School Tutoring, a club designed to pair Upper School students with those in the Lower School. I am involved in Admissions and Marketing, serving as a tour guide for prospective students and a counselor for Summer Bridge, a program for new and incoming freshman. At the moment, I am designing a Virtual Tour for the school website. I am the new Webmaster for Student Government and will be helping to plan Homecoming, Arts Night, and Prom. This year, I was selected to be an intern in the Alumni Office and work closely with the Director of Constituent Engagement. I have gained a plethora of skills and a wealth of knowledge about the workforce and maintaining a job. Additionally, I am on the Junior Varsity Squash team and manage the Varsity Lacrosse team.
Favorite Club:​ 
My favorite club at Shipley is Action Research. I became a member of the team at the beginning of my junior year and have enjoyed every moment since. Action Research comes from SPARC or School Participatory Action Research Collaborative, an initiative created to help independent schools reach their full academic and ethical potential. My cohort is studying Viewpoint Diversity and this year we will be looking at its existence in Humanities courses at Shipley. Concluding the yearlong research process is a round-table forum at the University of Pennsylvania where we meet and interact with students from six other participating schools. Through this club, I have discovered my passion for research and my interest in asking the question why. I have decided to pursue research after graduation and I hope to have a career in technology, academia or medicine.
Favorite Class:​  
Thus far, my favorite courses at Shipley have been English 10 Honors with Ms. Workman and Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Well-Being with Ms. McLaughlin. During my sophomore year, I became the writer I have always wanted to be: expressive and detailed. I learned the importance of close reading, strengthened my annotation skills, and discovered my love of Shakespearean literature. That year, I designed a playbook, something I had never suspected I would conquer in an English class. I am an avid reader and love a good mystery. However, after this course, I began to appreciate classical literature, historical fiction, and psychological-based text. After reading Metamorphosis, my perspective on the human mind and conscience changed and I realized that I was in fact intrigued by psychology. As for Positive Psychology, I have never taken such a course in my secondary education. It was the perfect mix of literature review, news findings, scholarly discussions, and research-based presentations. I now have a better understanding of Positive Psychology and its purpose in education. Our class brainstormed, created, and shared ways to mainstream the concept into daily life at Shipley. We finished the school year by presenting findings to the Central Administration Team in hopes of forming a committee.
Favorite Shipley Memory:​ 
When I think of Shipley, I think of passionate students trying to make a difference in the world. I have so many fond memories from the past three years at Shipley. Asking me to choose a favorite would be the same as asking me to pick a favorite food - a task that is quite impossible. However, one experience that has resonated with me was the summer before I began my freshman year. I was brand new to Shipley and had yet to make new friends. Since I was a new freshman, I participated in Summer Bridge. Between manhunt and bowling, I will never forget the many giggles and smiles. Following Bridge was pre-season for tennis and I met a lot of students that would be in my grade. I also met a girl named Brooke who would become my point person for freshman year. She was a rising senior and because I am an only child, I looked up to her. Brooke was not just a mentor, she was a big sister and I am forever grateful to Shipley for providing me with so many friendships that will last a lifetime.
Most Valuable Lesson Learned:​ 
The most valuable lesson I have learned during my time at Shipley would be the importance of taking risks and getting involved. I feel as though this is not stressed enough to high schoolers and is often left unsaid. The most precious advice I can give someone would be to always try new things. Whether that be auditioning for the winter musical, trying out rowing for the first time, learning to play the trumpet or even gardening. The most successful students are not those with straight As but those who are flexible and willing to go with the flow. It is so vital to expose yourself to new experiences, as they will never go away as you get older. Shipley offers its students possibilities that are so unique and you should take advantage of these opportunities.
Advice to New Students:​ 
What a blessing it is to be able to receive the gift of a Shipley education. You are so lucky. The faculty and administration are there to see that you grow into the best possible version of yourself. My advice would be to make connections. You are in an environment where so many people have such interesting experiences and if you just talk to them you may discover something new. I would also encourage prospective students to tour the campus, get to know the community, and see if Shipley could be your new home. If I could advise freshman year me, I would tell myself to always ask questions when you need help or do not understand something in class. To all new students: work hard, be creative, try something new, and fail. Upper School should be a learning experience and a trial period. As for activities and traditions, Super Saturday has always been one of my absolute favorites. It is an exciting and busy time where all divisions of the school come together for a day filled with activities, food, and sports.
The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.