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Why I Give: Upper School Science Teacher Andy Shepherd

Kathy Smith
Andy Shepherd, Upper School Science Teacher, has been teaching at Shipley for 17 years, and for 17 years, he’s been giving back to Shipley.
“I went to public school through ninth grade, and I wasn’t very happy,” he shares. “I spoke to my mother and asked her if I could go to private school. She told me to fill out the applications and make the appointments, so I did.”
Andy was accepted and in his words, received “a very large amount of money” to attend. The experience profoundly shaped his life.
“The opportunity was there, because there were people who gave. I continue to give to that school, and that is very much why I give to Shipley: to create opportunities for kids out there like me, who want a better opportunity, and maybe, they don’t think it’s available to them.”
Andy is modest about his annual gift. “While maybe it barely does anything, I feel like I am giving back to places that helped me. Being able to give to Shipley is important, because it means I’m supporting the whole private education system.”
If Andy gets his way, he will be teaching and supporting Shipley for a long time to come. “I love teaching,” he says with a smile. “I don’t think I ever want to retire.” He’s quite serious about that.

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