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Why I Teach: Adam Goren, Upper School Science

Kathy Smith
Adam Goren, Upper School Physics and Chemistry teacher, believes the scientific process is the best way that we, as humans, have of understanding the universe and making predictions. “As a subject,” explains Adam, “science is something that gets better with each new experiment. The conclusions we are making now are better than the ones we made when I was young. There’s real power in that.”

But not every student wants to become a scientist. “That is the nature of high school,” Adam concedes. “The trick of teaching is to make stuff engaging. Science content is awesome and cool, so that helps, and though everyone may not end up a scientist, by flexing their brain muscles, students become stronger and more prepared to do anything they want to do.” It doesn’t hurt that Adam keeps things light in his classroom. “Shipley kids tend to be curious and to have a sharp sense of humor. They make me giggle in class.”

For Adam, teaching is an important and delicate business. “It’s a process,” he says. “of challenging the kids appropriately so they’re prepared to find the magic along the way.”

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