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Gone, But Not Forgotten: Shipley's Bygone Traditions

We take a look at some of the traditions that have come and gone at Shipley over the years.

Blue & Green Teams
As early as 1910, all the way through the 1980s, students were assigned to blue or green teams, which amassed points throughout the year. The annual “color-war” competition was a highlight for many years. Today, blue and green teams make appearances at the Lower School Play Day, Middle School Field Day, and during Spirit Week in the Upper School.

Turtles vs. Camels
The 1961 yearbook holds the first reference to the Blue and Green Team mascots: the Turtles and Camels, respectively. The origin of their choosing is unclear, but the mascots are mentioned in subsequent yearbooks until 1984.

White Blazers
The White Blazer Award still goes to the top female athlete in the class, but students no longer receive an actual white blazer embroidered with the Shipley seal and motto in light blue on the chest pocket. The award was originally given at Class Night; today it is announced at the Upper School Awards Ceremony.

Beanies & Class Colors
There was great fanfare surrounding the annual unveiling of the senior class colors, found on class banners and “beanies” or senior caps. The tradition continued through the 1980s. At one point in the School’s history, senior girls would share their caps with underclassmen for good luck in exams.

May Day Celebration
Shown here at Shipley in 1937, seventh grade girls danced around the Maypole in an annual celebration of spring. All Lower School grades participated in games and singing for an audience of families and friends, but for the older girls, the dance, carefully rehearsed, was a rite of passage marking the end of their Lower School years.

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