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Sergio Jackson: Empowering Wellness and Growth in Shipley's Fitness Room

Elizabeth Denbigh '14
STRENGTH, ENERGY, RESILIENCE, and GRATITUDE (SERG) stand as the guiding principles of Shipley's Fitness Room. As you step into Shipley's weight room, you might encounter a team engaged in lifting or recovery yoga sessions, or a physical education class diligently pursuing their fitness objectives. Sergio Jackson, the Director of Athletic Performance, has fostered an inclusive environment that empowers every member of the Shipley community to excel and reach their health and wellness aspirations.

As a Division 2 football player at Cheney University, Jackson discovered that his passion lay more in the sport's preparatory phase more than in the actual gameplay. Transitioning to Delaware State University after two years, he embarked on a journey of personal training for student-athletes and friends.

After college, Jackson sustained life-threatening injuries after being struck by a vehicle. Medical professionals attributed his survival to his strength, flexibility, and mobility. This incident marked a turning point for Jackson, prompting him to dedicate himself to aiding as many individuals as possible on their fitness quests.

In 2020, Sergio earned a Master's in Sports Performance and Rehabilitation from PennWest California. He holds a spectrum of certifications, including Personal Trainer, Speed and Explosion Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialization, Master Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and certified USA Weightlifting Coach. He now serves as the Director of Athletic Performance, as well as the Chair of Shipley's Middle School and Uppler School PE Department.

Through Serg Training, Jackson provides personalized training to clients in their homes. He has also served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Ursinus College, overseeing multiple athletic teams, and strength coach for the Downingtown East and West Boys Basketball Program.

At Shipley, Jackson's primary focus is on establishing connections with community members. Within Shipley's weight room, he's forged an environment that extends a warm welcome and encourages movement. Sergio firmly advocates that exercise goals should derive not solely from outcomes, but from a dedication to a meaningful journey.

Stressing the significance of recovery for Shipley's athletes, he aids them in sustaining and advancing their strength during both the competitive season and the off-season. Prior to every training session, Jackson administers a survey to the team, posing three straightforward questions about their well-being: How much sleep did you receive last night? Have you stayed adequately hydrated? How do you feel? Shipley students recognize the value of these surveys and respond with honesty. Based on their feedback, Sergio designs the workout plan to contribute to the overall progress. These surveys have proven instrumental in fostering connections with students both within and beyond the weight room, enriching their experience.

Shipley Fitness aims to facilitate movement and establish an environment where everyone achieves success. Recognizing fitness as an enduring tool, students are equipped with knowledge of proper techniques.

Sergio's approach emphasizes relatability and elements that resonate with student-athletes. His goal for the Shipley community? To move well, move strong, move fast, and thrive, what he calls "Making Waves in The Swamp." Ultimately, Sergio's aspiration is for the Shipley community to discover activities that bring them joy, enabling them to care for their own well-being and to create positive ripples both within and beyond Shipley's fitness room.

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