There are more than 5,500 Shipley alumni living across the country and across the world. Utilizing their courage for the deed; grace for the doing, alumni are changing the world in both large and small ways, and we salute you! In this section of Shipley’s website, we know you’ll find everything you need to locate and network with other alumni, learn about and register for alumni events, find out what’s happening on campus, make a contribution to Shipley, submit or read class notes, connect with students, or volunteer. Check back often, and let us know how we can best serve you!

We look forward to seeing you on campus or in your city. In the meantime, thank you for visiting us online, and we hope to connect with you soon!

Alumni in the Spotlight

List of 5 news stories.

  • Alumni Spotlight on Erika Frankel ’96: An Appetite for Documenting Life

    Kristina M. Jenkins
    When Philadelphia’s famed French chef Georges Perrier announced he would close his iconic restaurant, Le Bec-Fin, scores of fine-diners sadly took note and quickly made reservations for a final meal at the Center City restaurant. For documentary filmmaker and Shipley alumna Erika Frankel ’96, the news inspired much more than dreams of a decadent dinner. Read more about Frankel's most recent film project and how she is finding success in following her passion for storytelling through film.
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  • Alumni Spotlight on Prashant Bhuyan ’96: Staying Relevant with Curiosity and Creativity

    Kristina M. Jenkins
    “I’ve never really had a job,” says Prashant Bhuyan ’96, an investment technology entrepreneur and data scientist whose latest project puts him squarely in the middle of the booming data revolution and budding artificial intelligence space. "Creativity and imagination are what's going to keep us relevant in the age of artificial intelligence,” says Bhuyan, “Places like Shipley foster this kind of thinking.” Learn more about Prashant Bhuyan and how he’s harnessed his curiosity and creative thinking to build revolutionary investment technologies.
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  • Meet Shipley's Alumni Office

    Have you ever wondered about the Shipley staff dedicated to ensuring your positive alumni experience? With more than 4,500 alumni across the country and the globe, it’s impossible for them to meet every alumna or alumnus face-to-face, but here’s a quick primer on who they are and what they do.
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  • Alumni Spotlight on Dr. Raffi Gregorian '81: Keeping the Peace Across the Globe

    Kristina M. Jenkins
    From the simple act of rescuing a street dog in Bosnia to the intricacies of coordinating international counterterrorism policy, Dr. Raffi Gregorian ’81 continually strives to make the world a better, more peaceful place. Throughout his nearly 30-year career, Dr. Gregorian has played a significant role in high-level foreign and security affairs, as both a civilian and as a Naval officer, at the helm of interagency, complex, and multinational post-conflict operations.
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  • Alumni Spotlight on Catherine Stewart '01: In the Business of Working Hard

    Kathy Smith
    Catherine Stewart ’01 credits her Shipley teachers with teaching her how to work hard and developing in her a respect for process. Now, after graduating from Yale and Cambridge, she has built a successful and exciting career in business, helping companies like Random House, Facebook, and Automattic (the company behind to grow.
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