At Shipley, we believe that global programs provide opportunities for our students to grow as independent and more culturally aware individuals. Our programs improve students’ cross-cultural skills, encourage risk-taking, and further language development. In addition, students better understand their home culture by experiencing different places and cultures from their own. Students are more empathetic and better equipped to succeed in a highly interconnected world by having experienced a Shipley Global Program. 

Our Middle and Upper School students have engaged in meaningful place-based learning in places such as Spain, France, Ecuador, China, Botswana, South Africa, and the Galapagos.

Upcoming Programs

Upper School

Iceland: An Earth Science Adventure
Contact: Mr. Shepherd & Mrs. Zodda
Travel dates: June 14-22, 2020

The American South: A Civil Rights Journey
Contact: Mr. Gaines & Mr. Jacobs
Travel dates: June 14-20, 2020

China: Center and Periphery
Contact: Mr. Hermans, Dr. Gillan, Lao Shi Liu & Lao Shi Tang
Travel dates: June 13 – 27, 2020

Spanish Exchange: Language & Cultural Immersion
Contact: Ms. Bange & Mr. Casilla
Travel dates: March 19 – 31, 2020

Middle School

Salamanca Summer Program: Spanish Language & Cultural Immersion
Contact: Dr. Kinsella
Travel dates: June 13 – 26, 2020

Montpellier Summer Program: French Language & Cultural Immersion
Contact: Dr. Kinsella, Mr. Malcolm
Travel dates: June 13 – 26, 2020

I participated in the China program because it was a good opportunity to learn about the language I study. During the program, I was able to observe and interact with the Chinese cultures and practice the Mandarin I have learned.

—Scout Meyer '21
I love to travel with my students. It is a wonderful opportunity to see them use their language skills in real-world situations. Besides that, I also love to see the different aspects of my students' personalities, character strengths, and talents outside of the classroom.

—Hung-Chun Liu, China Program Leader & Chinese Teacher 
Global programs are purposefully designed for students to learn beyond the physical walls of our classrooms. These trips allow students to engage in and explore the interconnectedness of today’s world. Our students return to Shipley wide-eyed and with powerful first-hand experiences of what a place is “really” like. 

—Bruce Nkala, faculty member
I participated in the China program and the Spanish Exchange because I think it is very important and interesting to experience new cultures. By visiting these two countries, I was able to get a new perspective of how people my age experience life in other countries.

—Carolina Riley '20
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