More Than Computers

Technology at Shipley a decade ago was a lot different than it is today. It used to be an event. Today, technology is a tool in the hands of all of our students and teachers allowing our classrooms to be living laboratories of learning. We feel strongly that these powerful tools are not an end in and of themselves, but rather a means to further discovery, creativity, and connection.

A New Type of Classroom

  • Learning happens anywhere, anytime and is not confined to class time or space.
  • Students use technology to reflect and self-assess in a variety of formats, maintaining digital portfolios to keep a history of their transformation as learners.
  • Teachers provide more timely and constructive feedback to students, create and share videos to support learning, and connect virtually with other educators.
  • Students blog to connect with others, skype to learn geography, and create and research in ways they could not before.
One of the wonderful benefits of having laptops at all times is the ability of students to go out and see information independently. For example, with history, I have seen students searching YouTube to look at real video footage of the Nuremberg Trials and using this information to inform their classroom discussions.

~ Shane Kinsella, Head of Middle School

A New Type of Creativity

These powerful tools enable more blended learning, easier collaboration and connections, a wider array of creative products, expanded differentiation, and ongoing and organized student self-assessment. These are skills and connections that our students can and will take with them as they head off to college and beyond.

Confidence to Explore

We see, as we always have, how technology can support and enhance, not replace, the personal relationships between and among our faculty and our students. These relationships and the confidence our students develop are at the root of the exploration and creativity that occur in our classrooms every day.

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  • Laptops at a Glance

    • What’s included
      • Laptops are distributed to each student in grades 6-12 at no additional fee
      • All laptops come with Microsoft Office suite
      • Laptops are distributed with protective covers which the student may personalize
      • Additional software installed for math and design classes as needed
      • All students have GSuite accounts allowing for creation, storage, and anywhere/anytime access of documents, presentations, and multimedia
      • Single sign on (SSO) to our Learning Management System for grades 4-12
    • Leaving Shipley
      • All students turn in their laptops and chargers prior to graduation or departure from Shipley
  • Laptop Support

    • All computers come with Apple Care and anti-virus software; students should maintain caution about connecting to unknown, open networks when not in our secure network
    • Our technical support team is available during the school day should an issue arise
    • Students may also take their laptop to their local Apple store
    • If problems cannot be easily resolved, loaner laptops are issued while laptop is being repaired
  • Filters, Responsible Use, and Screentime

    • Laptops will be used for purposeful learning tasks; when not needed, laptops will remain closed
    • Certain sites are blocked at school for both safety and productivity
    • Filters are available at home through your internet provider
    • Students may add applications that enhance learning. If added programs compromise security or productivity, these programs will be removed
    • School laptops are subject to family rules and monitoring when at home

Meet our Team

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  • Photo of Wendy Eiteljorg

    Ms. Wendy (Eiteljorg) Eiteljorg 86

    Director of Curricular Innovation and Learning Design
    Phone/Extension: 4269
  • Photo of Debra Finger

    Mrs. Debra Finger 

    Coordinator of Teacher Resources, Social Media Liaison for Academics
    Phone/Extension: 4720
The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.