Meet Nick Wojtelwicz ’16

Nick Wojtelwicz ’16
Currently Attending:
University of South Carolina
Years at Shipley: 7

The Big Payoff
Shipley can be academically grueling. However, the hours spent writing essays, completing labs, and constructing projects pay off in the long run. The opportunities the School has presented me with in the classroom, on the field, and in the real world have prepared me to go to college.

Success Comes with Failure
I’ve had a lot of memorable experiences at Shipley, including the Swamp Nights, Super Saturdays, and English electives I have had the privilege of being a part of. The most important thing I have learned in my four years here is that success comes with failure. As a Freshman, I bit off more than I probably could have chewed both in the classroom and on the baseball field, as I took six honors courses (rather than five), and also wound up as the starting Short-Stop for the varsity baseball team. Although I initially struggled in both regards, hard work and help from those surrounding me helped me find success as a player and a student.

Never Give Up
My most influential teacher was my Chinese teacher, Ms. Liu. When I wanted to drop Chinese as an underclassman, rather letting me drop the class, she pushed me to work harder and apply the knowledge I had gained outside of the classroom even more. She has played a huge role in my development, not only as a student, but also as a person. I find it suitable that I will be minoring in Chinese in college, given how big a part it played for me in high school.

Plans for Fall 2016
This fall, I will be attending the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. I am currently on track to major in International Business & Risk Management, with a minor in Chinese.

Future Ambition
My future ambition is to work with athletes in China and help open a greater transfer market between the United States and China in sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball. There are a lot of athletes in China who never get the opportunity to play in the U.S. major leagues, and I hope to be able to help them. My Mandarin teacher, Ms. Liu, really sparked my interest in this issue. Her interdisciplinary approach to teaching foreign language has pushed all of her students to broaden their horizons.
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