Shipley encourages students to take risks and values personal discovery. Shipley students explore their passions by immersing themselves in a wide variety of academics, arts, athletics, and community service.

Meet Shipley's Varsity student-athletes who also participated in our 2023 Winter Musical, "Mean Girls: The Musical" and learn more about what they value most about being involved in both athletics and the arts.

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  • Aisling Smith '23

    "Mrs. George"

    "I’ve never considered myself a more athletic or a more theater person because Shipley has helped me find the balance between enjoying both and being able to participate in both equally"

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  • Avery Rehl '24

    "Regina George"

    Shipley has taught me that I can pursue and excel in whatever I am passionate about and that I don’t just have to be labeled an athlete or artist—I can be both.

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  • Rafa Snyder '25

    "Mr. Heron"

    As a member of the student council, I am always working on being a more well-rounded person. I have been an athlete my whole life but I wanted to do something different this year.

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  • Riley Haberman '25

    "Caitlyn Caussin"

    I never really thought of myself as just a theater person or just an athlete. What I like best about Shipley is that it encourages students to be well-rounded and to try new things.

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  • Riley Medina '24

    "Gretchen Wieners"

    When I was in 7th grade, I heard the musical was Mary Poppins and just decided I would try it out, which is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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