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  • School Community Gathers for the Return of Super Saturday

    After 726 days, Super Saturday, the opening community event of the school year, made its triumphant return. Like the leaves changing color and decorative pumpkins, some things are simply an integral part of fall. Super Saturday is one of those things! After being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, Shipley’s annual event  was back and better than ever. 
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  • Where Does Your Lunch Waste Go?

    Waste sorting benefits the environment and saves money. Taking a few extra minutes at lunch to decide whether something goes in the compost, trash, or recycling bin can significantly reduce the amount of waste Shipley produces. By properly sorting waste, we can meet our sustainability goals both as a country and a school. Here at Shipley, you can easily do your part to help reach a clean, green future.
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    Leadership Finds Creative Ways to Promote School Spirit

    Shipley has found a way to bring the community together despite the challenges of COVID-19 protocols with a spirit event that kicked off on Monday October 19 and ended with Fantastic Friday. Instead of Super Saturday, which involves Varsity sports games and amazing food, Fantastic Friday offers social distanced activities such as a cornhole tournament and a movie night, in addition to food trucks, spirit dress week, and a raffle. Despite some changes, Fantastic Friday increased school spirit and brought the community together as Super Saturday always did.
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  • Sustainability Efforts During COVID

    If you have noticed the diminishing of sustainability practices around school due to the new COVID-19 friendly model, you are not alone. Many students have shown concern for how Shipley’s eco footprint has been affected during these changing times, but  Ms. Norquist, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Mr. Gaines, Divisional Sustainability Coordinator to the Upper School, and Mr. Del Duca, Divisional Sustainability Coordinator to the Lower School, hear you and are working hard to help. 
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  • How to Stay Sustainable While at Home

    With the new shift to Shipley’s online learning, our daily lives are drastically changing and we are spending lots of time at home. With Earth Day around the corner, it is important to think about ways we can incorporate sustainability into our home lives. Here are a few ways we can celebrate Earth Day at home!
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    Adopting an Online Learning Platform for Teaching

    COVID-19 cases continue to rise and social distancing measures are put in place, schools across the country have been forced to close. Though traditional classroom-learning is no longer possible, many schools have adopted distance learning strategies. At Shipley, this takes the form of Shipley Learns Online, a program designed to foster an engaging learning environment and prioritizing student well-being during this difficult time. 
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The Beacon is Shipley's print newspaper, with the inaugural issue first published on October 3, 1955. It is produced by Upper School students under the guidance of a faculty advisor, and is comprised of one or more Editor in Chiefs, senior editors, and a contributing staff of 25/30 students. Between six and seven issues are published annually, with topics ranging from student life, politics, topical issues, in-depth reports, entertainment, to sports and featured students.
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Published since 1955, The Beacon is the official student newspaper at The Shipley School, a PreK-12 private institution with a population of roughly 830 students, and is regularly published throughout year. The school newspaper serves as an educational experience providing a reporting opportunity for students interested in journalism. The role of The Beacon is to inform and entertain and includes topics relevant to students and the greater community. The Beacon endeavors to be accurate and factual in its coverage of local and global issues. Content is determined by the editorial staff and faculty advisor. Print issues of The Beacon (are available to all Upper School students) and additional issues are distributed to each division of the school. A PDF version is available to members of the Shipley student community, families, and alumni by logging on to the secure website. In 2012, The Beacon published its first online edition, also available to members of the Shipley student community, families, and alumni by logging on to the secure website. The opinions expressed in this paper are those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the staff.
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  • Forever Alone

    by Henry Terlevich '23

    “Él está haciendo la tarea?… puedo hablar con él?… por favor!... Henry?”

    Across the hall, I heard my name. A voice surrounded my room with the sharp echoes of accented letters and stressed vowels. It was Nono Luciano, my grandfather, who called my dad each Friday afternoon. He waited hours until the clock struck eleven, and dialed my father’s number through the vintage black phone attached to the wall of his house.
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  • Lamp Post

    by Emma Albani '24

    Only one
    the light flickering,
    the stars nowhere in sight,
    just one flickering lamp post
    all alone on a lonely night.
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The Compass is Shipley's literary and visual arts magazine, published annually since 1941. A student editorial board, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, solicits and evaluates student creative writing such as poems, essays and short stories for inclusion in the magazine. Student art work, chosen by the Art Department and the editorial board, also features prominently in the magazine.

The Compass is produced in book form at the professional level using InDesign.

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The Compass welcomes submissions of creative writing from students in grades 9 through 12. The editorial board reviews and evaluates all submissions and chooses those to include in the publication. Individuals are sometimes asked to revise and re-submit their work after meeting with the editorial board.

The editorial board strives not to alter the meaning of any submissions that are published, but it reserves the right to correct grammar and mechanics.

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