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  • A Sit-Down with New Head Michael Turner

    As the school year comes to an end, the beginning of Michael Turner’s tenure as our Head of School is about to begin. As a devoted educator, he enters Shipley full of experience and excitement.
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  • Photo Courtesy of Sarah Engelman ’19/Taken by Liz Engelman

    Sprouts Recognized at Flower Show

    Seniors Sarah Engelman (left) and Eliana Warshal (right) pose next to their award winning succulent gardens. They are just some of the students that competed in this category. Students hand-make their concrete containers and arrange all of the succulents for the Flower Show.
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  • Painting by Taylor Wells ’19

    Vaping Reaches Epidemic Proportions

    “Everybody does it.” Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes and vapes, have become ubiquitous among teenagers nationwide. Comprised primarily of nicotine, e-cigarettes have become popular due to their sleek design and colorful flavors. However, many teenagers are unaware of the dangers of  vaping, as well as the laws surrounding their use.
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  • Seniors Liam Riley and Talia Chairman, registered to vote. They are among a number of students who voting for the first time.

    Civics Course Encourages Civil Discourse

    As the country prepares to cast their votes on Tuesday, November 6, Shipley has taken on the challenge of educating the student body on civic responsibility and encouraging civil discourse among a wide range of viewpoints.

    According to Pew Research Center, nearly half of registered voters have “expressed being more enthusiastic than usual about flocking to the polls” in this year’s primary elections— “nearly a ten percent jump” from last year. Young people are playing an important role with “voters aged 18-29 comprising 61.4 percent of new registrants” in Pennsylvania alone as reported by TargetSmart’s research team.
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  • Seniors Roger Irwin and Sarah Engelman enjoy a beautiful day in the Annie Aspinall ’11 Memorial Garden, to be dedicated in late October. The photo represents one of many taken throughout campus to commemorate Shipley’s 125th anniversary.

    Celebrating 125 Years of Educational Excellence

    The community reflects upon its growth while still remaining true to its original mission statement

    When the Shipley School first opened its doors in 1894, its founders aspired to create a learning environment that would both challenge young minds to think critically while emphasizing the importance of developing strong moral character.
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  • Photo by Mark Tassoni/ Reprinted with Permission.  Zhu readies to volley the ball back to the other opponent. Zhu has played on the team all four seasons that she has been in Upper School. She has enjoyed the camaraderie of the team experience.

    Anita Zhu sets her goals on volleying her way to another championship win for the team

    Throughout her childhood, Anita Zhu, a senior, always loved playing with balloons. Once she found out what the sport of volleyball entailed, she was immediately intrigued and switched her love of balloons to volleyballs.

    She shares, “Both [my] parents met while playing volleyball in college. My mom was on the women’s team while my father was on the men’s team...The university they went to was huge, and they probably would have never found each other if not for the sport.” For that reason, volleyball has a very special connection for Anita to her parents. 
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  • Courage

    Angeline Jiang ’20

    Are you one of those people who find themselves sitting on the couch, watching the news? Seeing people who have been in bad accidents, feeling sympathetic for them, but deep down just reassuring yourself that those things could never happen to you?
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  • It's All About Perspective

    Britt Lovett ’16

    “I am right”
    Three uncontestable words
    Armed with the moral high ground
    Yet, my opponent can claimright
    and wrong are subjective
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The Compass is Shipley's literary and visual arts magazine, published annually since 1941. A student editorial board, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, solicits and evaluates student creative writing such as poems, essays and short stories for inclusion in the magazine. Student art work, chosen by the Art Department and the editorial board, also features prominently in the magazine.

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